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Harbor Trash Wheel Makes a Difference

After a recent rainstorm, many of you (like us) may have noticed a mound of trash collecting in the canal next to Pier Six in the harbor. So, where’s all this trash coming from? Storm water flushes litter into Jones Falls River and eventually finds it’s way into the harbor and around the Aquarium.

Luckily, this trash was prevented from flowing into the Inner Harbor thanks to a unique trash collecting device. The solar-powered Water Wheel Powered Trash Inceptor, installed in February, has been known to collect up to seven tons of trash after just one storm.

Let’s Make a Change
What happens upriver affects the water and habitats downstream and onward to the sea. The simplest thing we can do is to dispose of trash properly. Better yet, reduce, reuse, recycle. Be an inspiration and pledge to make a difference. Share with us your stories.

By Tracy McCreary and Jonathan Sullivan


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