Pledging to protect Our Ocean Planet

Our Ocean Planet, the new dolphin show at the National Aquarium, comes with an dolphin-earth-jumpfinal-smallimportant message: our behaviors affect dolphins and other ocean animals in many ways, both good and bad.  We all have a duty to make sure we are protecting – not hurting – the dolphin’s beautiful ocean world!

Visitors have been learning more about this world and different ways to help save it.  Since dolphins cannot clean up the trash and debris that drift into the oceans, the show encourages humans to get involved in solving this global problem. Take a look at the pledges we have recieved from children to help the dolphins in various ways – all of which you can do at home, too! 

“I recycle.  I clean my house.” — Ravi

“I will move the slime out of the way.” — Jenna Mackenzie

“I will clean water for many fish.” — Eoen

“I will stop people littering.” — Beth

“I will throw trash in trash cans.” — Morgan

“Plant native trees.” — Victoria

“I turn off the lights when not using them.” — Bowen

“Learn all about the oceans and the animals that live in them!” — Eve

“I want to help dolphins by cleaning up the mess in the ocean.”  — Robby

Robby’s pledge, like the others, is a pledge that we all should make!  After all … dolphins rely on us to keep our ocean planet clean and healthy. Visit the National Aquarium this Saturday to help celebrate Earth Day for special activities celebrating our blue planet and give your own pledge to protect and conserve!


1 Response to “Pledging to protect Our Ocean Planet”

  1. 1 Annie December 17, 2009 at 6:20 am

    Good day:

    I am involved in Protect Planet Earth initiative which involves everything on planet earth: Marine and ocean inhibitants alike and more – I mean everything in the universe.

    Can you send me some material about protecting the dolphin and it’s life?



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