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Beautiful but wild

blueheadedparrot1From Beth Lindenau, Animal Trainer at the National Aquarium

Parrots are animals with amazing adaptations for life in the wild.  Those same adaptations don’t often translate well to the living room.  They have a long life span and can be very loud, damaging to property, and have complex social and environmental needs.  It is easy to see why the average person may not be equipped to have a parrot as a pet. 

As a group, parrots are unique and fascinating.  Their beauty, rarity, and ability to form our words captivate us.  They are increasingly endangered in the wild with many hovering on the brink of extinction due to the dual threat of habitat loss and capture for the international trade in wildlife.  Many companion parrots that have found their way into private homes are being surrendered to rescue organizations when the reality of living with a wild animal sets in.  

In an environment that is foreign to them, such as our living room, they will still attempt to maintain vocal contact with their mate or their flock, which in this case are the people in the home.  Often people are unprepared to accept this level of noise that can quickly get out of hand.  Parrots are hard work.  Still we love them.  So what do we do?

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